What parts does the complete RV circuit system include?(2)

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What parts does the complete RV circuit system include?(2)

The complete RV circuit system includes three parts: circuit connection (including output), circuit control, and circuit protection.

Circuit control is mainly a variety of switches, used to control the on and off of the circuit current. 

The current comes from the battery positive, conduct through the main circuit, shunts to the DC circuits through the current distributer, then conduct through the electrical device or continues to shunt to a smaller branch circuit, then conduct through the electrical device, and finally enters the negative of the battery directly. 

The function of the power switch is to control the main or branch current on-off to  control device work/stop.

The function of the switch is on-off. There are four core factors: voltage, current, insulation and service life.

Rated voltage: refers to the safe voltage allowed by the switch during normal operation. If the voltage applied to both ends of the switch is higher than safe voltage, it will cause fire and breakdown between the two contacts.

Rated current: refers to the maximum safe current allowed to pass when the switch is turned on. When this value is exceeded, the contacts of the switch will be burnt due to excessive current.

Insulation resistance: refers to the resistance value of the conductor part and the insulation part of the switch.

Contact resistance: refers to the resistance between each pair of contacts when the switch is turned on. The smaller the value, the better.

Life: refers to the number of times the switch can be operated under normal working conditions. The longer the better. The life of Amomd rocker switch is about 50,000 times, and the life of membrane switch can reach more than 100,000.

The main current or branch current is generally controlled by a rotary or guillotine battery switch or an air switch (also called a circuit breaker), and the control equipment is generally a rocker switch, toggle switch, button switch, and knob switch.


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