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Wholesale 3-way Switching Power Supply Female Cable with Disconnection 92CM

Price: $ 5.87-9.99
MOQ: 20 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • $ 5.87-9.99

  • 20 Pieces

  • Product model: AOC4101

  • Product gross weight: 212G

  • Product net weight: 175G

  • Product size: 131.3*52.3*14mm

  • Packing size 14.3*5.5*7.5CM

  • Product line length: 92CM

  • Screw hole spacing: 122mm

  • Input voltage: DC12-24V

  • Product current: ≤16A

  • Product wire gauge: 18AWG

  • Product material: ABS

  • Connection method: red wire connects to the positive pole, black wire connects to the negative pole

  • Installation method: screw fixed


·Porous output: can supply power to three devices at the same time

·Strong applicability: suitable for 12-24V cars, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, buses, RVs and other vehicles

·The switch is equipped with overload protection: the switch can not only switch but also protect the circuit. When the circuit current is greater than 16A, the switch will automatically disconnect the circuit to protect the circuit and electrical equipment.

·Strong compatibility: Compatible with vehicle equipment such as driving recorder, GPS, car charger, etc.

Product name 3-way switching power supply female cable with disconnection 92CM (3)

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