What parts does the complete RV circuit system include?(1)

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What parts does the complete RV circuit system include?(1)

The complete RV circuit system includes three parts: circuit connection (including output), circuit control, and circuit protection.

Circuit connection is the components required to connect electrical device to the positive and negative of the battery, including wires, bus bars and usb chargers, cigarette lighters(power outlet) and other power output and input accessories.

Because the circuit connection accessories are related to current, what amps current is allowed to conduct is its core. The conductivity of the wire is determined by its material and cross-sectional area, but the wire is generally made of copper, so the conductivity can only be seen by the cross-sectional area. According to industry standards, the copper wires with different cross-sectional areas are numbered. For example, the copper wire with a cross-sectional area of 4 square millimeters has a wire gauge number of 16.

Wire AWG1

Wire AWG2

The main function of the bus bar is to collect and distribute current, and the core parameter is the current that can work normally.Such as Amomd 100A busbar, 150A busbar, 300A busbar box, 600A busbar, etc. The use of the bus bar generally does not consider the voltage, but when the voltage is high, the branches on the bus bar affect each other, and there is a potential safety hazard. Generally, 12v-48 can be used universally. For example, Amomd bus bar  can be used normally in dc12-48v.

The output voltage such as USB charger and power outlet is generally 12v/24v. Because of its fixed output voltage, the core parameter is the maximum output power. USB charge generally has an output voltage of 5v, an output current of 1A to 2.4A, and a power outlet maximum output power of 240w (12v×20A, 24v×10A)


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