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Wholesale 100A 150A Single Row Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Base Marine RV Nickel Plated Copper Busbar

Price: $ 5.87-32.23
MOQ: 20 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • Amomd/custom

  • $ 5.87-32.23

  • 20 Pieces

Product Description
Product Name 100A 150A Single Row Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon Base Marine RV Nickel Plated Copper Busbar
Max Current 100A,150A
Material Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon, Nickel Copper
Terminal Screw Size M4
Terminal Post Size M5
Number of terminals 5, 10, 12, 20
Application marine Boat, Vessels,RV, Tractor, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Car, Truck and Other 12V/24V DC Conditions

Delivery Time

7-30 working days after payment

busbar (2)busbar (1)

✳A marine busbar is an electrical component used in marine vessels to distribute power throughout the ship.

✳It consists of a copper or aluminum bar with multiple terminals or studs, which are used to connect various electrical equipment and components.

✳The busbar is typically located in the ship's engine room or electrical room, and is designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.

✳The busbar is usually insulated and coated to protect against corrosion, saltwater and other elements.

✳The size and capacity of the marine busbar depends on the electrical load of the ship and the power requirements of various equipment and systems.

✳The busbar is usually connected to the ship's main electrical distribution panel, which distributes power to different areas of the ship.

✳The marine busbar is designed to handle high voltage and current levels, and is equipped with safety features such as circuit breakers and fuses to prevent electrical overload and short circuits.

✳Regular maintenance and inspection of the marine busbar is crucial to ensure safe and reliable operation of the ship's electrical system.

✳Failure or malfunction of the marine busbar can result in electrical failures and can pose a serious safety hazard to the crew and the ship.

✳In summary, the marine busbar is a critical component of the ship's electrical system that enables safe and efficient power distribution throughout the vessel.

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