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Wholesale Dual Battery system 1-2-Both-Off 4 Position Battery Selector Switch

Price: $ 13.77-15.88
MOQ: 20 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • AOK9001

  • Amomd/custom

  • $ 13.77-15.88

  • 20 Pieces

Product Name Dual Battery system 1-2-Both-Off 4 Position Battery Selector Switch
Max Voltage 48V DC
Base Material Fire retardant plastic
Terminal Stud Size M10
Stud material Stainless Steel
Application Type Circuit control
Function 1 on-2 on-both on-both off
Suit for marine Boat, Vessels,RV, Tractor, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Car, Truck and Other 12V/24V DC Conditions

Delivery Time

7-30 working days after payment


High rated current

Protects your alternator 

Versatile cable entry

Stud size :M8


Continuous Current: 200A

Surge Current (5min):300A

Cranking Current (10sec): 1000A

Voltage Rating(Max): 48Vdc

Note :with AFD(Alternator Field Disconnect)  AFD cuts alitemator  off  before battery switch  turned off

Product Size: length:69mm, width:69mm, height:73mm

Mounting hole spacing:54.8mm

Installation method:1.Surface Mount ;2.Panel Mount

Product list: battery switch *1; function identification sticker *1; manual *1

The switches themselves are very durable and rated for massive output.

They feature removable windows on all four sides to cater for whatever cabling arrangement you have.

Alternator Field Disconnect (AFD) protects your alternator when switching batteries in and out of the circuit.

By disconnecting the alternator moments before the battery (moments after when re-engaging), 

there’s always a load on the alternator to protect the regulation circuitry. 

Unique ergonomic and aesthetic knob design (Patented)

Knobs removable for isolation / safety

Smallest battery switch with AFD (Alternator Field Disconnect) feature in market 

Robust Glass Fiber reinforced Nylon enclosure

Removable windows for unobstructed wiring

Compact size matching mainstream products in market 

Surface or panel mount options provides flexibility when installing

Installation: Alternator is the generator on the ship to charge the battery

Wiring is Alternator - Battery Switch - Battery

The battery switch cannot be turned off when the alternator generator is started.

Otherwise, the generator's electricity will not have an outlet voltage, and the generator will burn off the generator's diode.

So the correct way is to turn off the engine generator and then turn off the battery switch.

The AFD function is that the two screw feet can be connected to the Field end of the Alternator.

The AFD screw foot will open the circuit before the battery switch is disconnected, and shut down the Alternator.

That is, before turning off the battery switch, she will automatically turn off the alternator (through these two screws)

Avoid burning the Alternator.

Product selling point: "[1] Super luxury high-end car modification switch, with LED working indicator;

[2] CE certified quality, environmentally friendly and flame-retardant materials;

[3] 12-24V voltage car is universal; suitable for modifying and controlling all equipment of car and occupant;

[4] Output short-circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, multiple protections, making it safer to use. "

Product LED work indicator: blue

Product polarity: SPST

Product switch function: ON-OFF

Number of product terminals: 5

Product with light status: double light

Product size: length 49.57*24.4*49(mm)

Product installation ruler: 37.2*21.2mm

Product weight: 30g

Maximum continuous load of the product: AC 125V/10A, 2V/20A, 24V/10A

Product maximum load and time: DC 12V /23A 24V 11.5A 5 seconds/1 time can be continuous 30 times

Product minimum current load: The minimum current load can be reached (0)

Product DC maximum voltage: 30V

Product DC minimum voltage: 3V

Product maximum contact load: AC 125V/10A, 2V/20A, 24V/10A

The maximum contact of the product breaking the negative cut: AC 1500V 1 miunte

Product work cycle: 5 seconds/1 time

Product life cycle without load: 20000 times

Product life cycle full load: 10000 times

Product contact material/composition: silver tin oxide/red copper

Product working temperature range: ten 30K

Product protection level: IP66

Product material: CE certified quality, environmentally friendly anti-flame retardant material

Applicable models of the product: Suitable for installation and use of all 12/24v battery vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, busses, ships, RVs, yachts, trailers and other vehicles.

Product function: Control the opening or closing device of various electrical equipment in the car, which has a wide range of uses.

Product features: This product has general CE quality certification, environmentally friendly and flame-retardant materials, and has significant waterproof and flame-proof effects.

Product advantages: 

[1] Ultra-luxury high-end car modification switch with LED working indicator light

[2] CE certified quality, environmentally friendly anti-flame retardant material

[3] 12-24V voltage car general; suitable for modification to control all equipment on or off 

[4]Output short circuit protection, overload protection, reverse polarity protection, multiple protections, making use safer.

battery switch (3)


battery switch (2)



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