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Wholesale 12v VSR with Cable Kit for Double Battery System Diy Refit

Price: $ 35.35-49.80
MOQ: 20 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • Amomd

  • $ 35.35-49.80

  • 20 Pieces

  • VSR (Voltage Sensitive Relay) are automatically controlled switches that allow two batteries to be combined when charging, and to be isolated when not charging. VSR helps to reserve a fully charged battery at all time, avoid the dead battery and possibility of towing on the sea. This Kit provides all the necessary cables,accessories and the VSR that you need to install the secondary battery with the VSR.


1. Automatically combine two batteries during charging, and isolate two batteries when not charging.

2. There is no voltage drop compared to the battery isolation diode (0.6V).

3. In accordance with ISO8846 ignition protection, suitable for the engine room.

4. Sturdy fiberglass adds a strong nylon casing.

5. Built-in LED indication (lights when VSR starts).

6. The remote LED indicates the port of the VSR status (excluding the LED).

7. Surface or panel mounting options provide flexibility during installation.

8. Optional storage mode allows zero power consumption while the engine is running.

Product specifications:

1. Nominal voltage | DC 12V

2. Combination voltage | DC 13.3V

3. Open circuit voltage | DC 12.8V

4. Continuous Rating | DC 125A

5. Intermittent rating | DC 140A

6. Power consumption | 10mA (standby) / 330mA (join) / 0mA (storage)

7. Terminal studs | M6(1/4" )

8. Remarks | ISO8846 / SAE J1171 (Ignition Protection)

The package includes:

1. 1 x VSR (voltage sensitive relay) with mounting screws

2.1 x 6 m red cable terminated at both ends

3.1 x 600mm black ground wire

4.2 cathode battery terminals

5.1 negative battery terminals for marine use

6.2 SC16-8 copper crimp lugs (for red cable)

7.1 SC25-8 copper crimp lugs (for black cables)

8.2 x red heat shrink

9.6 x 200mm cable tie

10.1 x instruction manual


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