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Wholesale Amomd 600A Positive and Negative Busbar Black 2*2 M10 Studs

  • 1533-600A-B

  • Amomd

  • $ 18.99-24.99

  • 100

Product Description
Product Name

Amomd Black 600A Heavy Duty Copper Busbar

Max. Current 600A

Conductor Size

11 - 20 AWG
Material Nylon, Glass Fiber reinforced
Cover Color Black
Terminal Stud Size 2*2  M10
gross weight 0.600 kg
Application marine Boat, Vessels,RV, Tractor, Motorcycle, ATV, UTV, Car, Truck and Other 12V/24V DC Conditions

Delivery Time

7-30 working days after payment


Busbars are widely used in power distribution systems to efficiently and reliably transmit electrical power between different components. Some common applications of busbars include:

Power distribution: Busbars are commonly used to distribute electrical power from a main power source to various electrical loads, such as motors, transformers, and other equipment. The busbar provides a low-resistance path for the current to flow, minimizing voltage drop and power loss.

Switchgear and circuit breakers: Busbars are used in switchgear and circuit breakers to connect the various components and provide a reliable and efficient path for the current to flow. The busbars are designed to withstand high fault currents and electrodynamic forces that can occur during short circuit conditions.

Industrial control systems: Busbars are used in industrial control systems to distribute power to various equipment, such as motors, sensors, and actuators. The busbars provide a compact and reliable way to interconnect the various components, minimizing wiring and installation costs.

Data centers: Busbars are used in data centers to distribute power to server racks and other equipment. The busbars provide a high current carrying capacity and low voltage drop, ensuring reliable power delivery to the equipment.

Renewable energy systems: Busbars are used in renewable energy systems, such as solar and wind power, to interconnect the various components and distribute power to the electrical grid. The busbars can handle both AC and DC power and are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Transportation systems: Busbars are used in transportation systems, such as trains and trolleys, to distribute power to the various components, such as motors and lighting systems. The busbars provide a reliable and efficient way to interconnect the components and minimize wiring and installation costs.

Overall, busbars are an essential component of power distribution systems, providing a reliable and efficient way to transmit electrical power between different components. The choice of busbar depends on the specific application, current and voltage requirements, and environmental factors.

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