What is bus bar?

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What is bus bar?

In the field of electricity, the bus bar is used to collect or distribute current in the circuit. Generally used to connect multiple electrical circuits, also called busbar.

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Electrical copper busbar is a high-current conductive product, Amomd have 100A copper busbar, 150A copper busbar, 300A busbar box, 600A busbar. It is suitable for high and low voltage electrical appliances, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, busbars and other electrical engineering projects. It is also widely used in metal smelting, electrochemical plating, chemical caustic soda and other large current electrolytic smelting projects. 

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Copper bars are also called copper busbars, copper bus bars, grounding copper bars. They are made of copper and have rectangular or chamfered (rounded) rectangular long conductors. The ones made of aluminum are called aluminum bar.Play the role of conveying current and connecting electrical equipment in the circuit.

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