7 Things You Need to Know in Product Customization Services

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7 Things You Need to Know in Product Customization Services

There are 7 things to be considered in the product customization:

D1. Material: Products with the same function and appearance generally have a variety of materials. For example, plastic products can choose PP, PE, PC, PA, etc. For metal products, you can choose Copper, Brass, Aluminum, etc. Different materials make different performance.

2. Process: Process refers to the process and method of product production. Some products have a single processes and method, and some products have different method in processes.For example, there are different method in the printing process, laser printing, or hot stamping, or screen printing.

3. Quality standards (precision): products for different purposes have different inspection standards, like the electrical have different rated voltage and current.

4. Appearance design: which is generally provided by the customer with drawings, then factory modeled production, or manufacturer designs as customer requests.

5. Packaging: What material the package use, what shape of packaging box, what the patterns and information on the packaging box.

6. Technology: According to manufacturer equipment and the skills of the workers, whether it can produce well products that meet the customer's requirey .

7. MOQ: Usually, manufacturers purchase materials and production processes in batches, and there are certain quantity requirements. Therefore, the manufacturer requires a minimum order quantity in batches when customizing.

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