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Wholesale 32V DC Marine Boat RV Car Universal 6P Modular Fuse Box

Price: $ 4.87-5.99
MOQ: 20 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • AOA1901

  • Amomd/custom

  • $ 4.87-5.99

  • 20 Pieces

Product model: F3878

Module number BF271 (module 1)

Product material: Lid: PC Bottom: PBT Screw: Stainless steel

Product weight: 174g

Product appearance color: black base + transparent upper cover

Rated voltage 32V dc Max

Total rated current 100A Max

Each branch current 30A Max

Terminal stud size M5 (3/16")

Screw size M4 (5/32")

Dimensions (L x W x H) | 78 x 86 x 41mm

Packing form: bagged

Product function: "

Product scope of use]: It can be directly connected to the line of any electrical appliances on the car/ship [such as: car roof lights, car headlights, visual width lights, fog lights, warning lights, car refrigerators, car chargers, car fans, car TVs Etc], line protection function, each channel uses the fuse corresponding to the current according to your equipment current, so as to protect your equipment from being burned by the current surge.


Applicable scenarios: Applicable to various environments such as 32VDC trucks, RVs, touring cars, ships, etc.

Product selling points: "1.32VDC voltage, 100A high current, wide range of use, high safety factor.

2. The base is made of flame-retardant plastic, escorting your safety.

3. Suitable for various environments such as trucks, RVs, tourist vehicles, boats, etc.

4. The product has a red LED indicator design, which corresponds to each electrical appliance connected to the fuse. When the fuse is disconnected, the red light will be on, and you can immediately know which fuse is broken, which is convenient for timely processing.

5. The product comes with 4 identification stickers, which can be affixed to the electrical appliances we connect according to the name on the sticker. When the fuse is broken and the red light is on, we can tell which electrical appliance is out for the first time Problem, save time and effort

6. The stud screws used in the product are nickel-plated copper, corrosion resistance, and good electrical conductivity

7. This model is a modular fuse box, which can be combined with this series of DIY products into 12 channels (the specific picture is shown in the manual)

8. This fuse box has 2 fuse storage holes, which can be used to store spare fuses, exquisite and practical. "

Product features: "This model can be combined with other modules of the B27 series, and guests can personalize and freely DIY, module 1 + module 2

Module 1+Module 1+Module 2 etc. as shown in the figure description"

Product installation method: "Surface screw fixed installation, the output end is fixed with tightening screws, which can be installed more quickly and firmly, and the fuse box is fixed with self-tapping screws, which is easier and safer to install.


The product contains: 6P fuse box*1; installation fixing screw*4; 1 additional M4 screw (the screw is required for DIY combination, and there are instructions in the manual), manual*1, identification sticker*4


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