What parts does the complete RV circuit system include?(3)

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What parts does the complete RV circuit system include? (3)

The complete RV circuit system includes three parts: circuit connection (including output), circuit control, and circuit protection.

Circuit protection mainly fuse, circuit breaker, short-stop protector, overload protector, low voltage protector and overvolt protector. Its function is to disconnect the circuit in time when the circuit voltage or current is lower or higher, so as to avoid electrical equipment and circuit damage.

Electrical appliances and wires have rated voltage and rated current. There are two abnormal situations:

1. When the power supply system is abnormal, causing the voltage to be too high or low than rated voltage, the electrical appliances and wires may be damaged.

2. When the wires or electrical appliances in the circuit are abnormal, the current will be too higher than rated current, which may cause damage to the electrical appliances or even fire.

Circuit protection equipment is to disconnect the circuit in time to protect the electrical appliances when the above two situations occur, and play a role of safety protection.

The fuse is made of metal with higher resistance and lower melting point. When the current in the circuit become too high, the temperature of the fuse rises rapidly, and the melting point is quickly reached or deformed, causing the circuit to be disconnected.

Fuse need fuse holder, fuse block, fuse box to fix.

Circuit breakers have magnetic and thermal circuit breakers.

The thermal circuit breaker is to make the metal sheet in the circuit breaker deform at high temperature to disconnect the circuit. When the temperature drops, the circuit can be reset automatically or manually.

Magnetic circuit breakers use the magnetic change generated by the current to connect or disconnect the circuit. When the current is too high, the generated magnetic force becomes stronger, attracting the contact metal piece to break the circuit.

The principle of short-stop protector and overload protector is the same as that of thermal circuit breaker.


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