What are 12V circuit accessories ?

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What are 12V circuit accessories ?


12V circuit accessories refer to a series of accessories required for normal operation of electrical appliances with DC 12V operating voltage. They are mainly divided into three categories: circuit connection and power outlet, circuit protection, and circuit control.

Circuit connection and power outlet products

circuit connection and power outlet products include Busbar Connector, USB Charger, Power outlet,wire Cable.

Wire cable is mainly used for Current conduction.

Busbar connector has three functions: connecting wire, collect current from each branch into the main circuit, and distributing current to each branch from the main circuit.

The Usb Charger converts 12v voltage to 5V and conduct current to the appliance.

The power outlet provide convenient plug for electrical appliances.


Circuit control products

circuit control products are a variety of switches, including Rocker Switch, Push Button Switch, Battery Switch, and integrated switch control boxes composed with other accessories. Current control products through opening or closing to control electrical appliances.


Circuit protection products

circuit protection products include fuse block and circuit breaker. Fuse block is the holder of fuse or fuse circuit breaker. Circuit breakers and fuse protect electrical appliances when circuit short.

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