What About 12V Control Box?

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What About 12V Control Box

What does a 12V control box do?

12v control box is to install all or part of the four components of circuit connection, circuit protection, circuit control, power output and display into a box, just simply connect the positive of the electrical device to the switch on the control box to control and protecting electrical device.

The Wiring connection inside the 12v control box can be changed, the circuit can be changed according to different needs. 12vcontrol box is mainly used to control the external electrical device of RV, 4wd canopy, pickup and caravan. 12v control box cludes 4 parts: box, control accessories, connection accessories, protection accessories, power output and display accessories.

The box is generally made of iron or aluminum plate, and it is also made of high-temperature resistant plastic. The main function is to fix and protect other accessories.

The control accessories are all kinds of switches, there are mainly three types: rocker switch, battery switch, push button switch. The rocker switch is used to control external devices, the battery switch and push button switch are used to control the power supply of the entire control box.

The connection accessories is to distribute the current to the device. In order to save cost and reduce the weight of the box, a screw copper busbar of 100A is generally used.

The protection accessories are generally fixed on the fuse block with a blade fuse with an rated current. When the current is overload, the blade fuse will break and disconnect the circuit to protect the electrical devices.

Power output and display include 12v power supply, USB charger socket and voltmeter.12v control box (4)

How do you wire a 12V control box?

The 12v control box on sale usually has a wiring diagram. If there is no wiring diagram, just remember 3 points:

1. Be sure to choose blade fuse the rated current of the electrical device and put it into the fuse block.

2. Find the switch connected to the fuse in the previous step, and connect the positive of the device to pin of the switch which have no wired.

3. Connect the negative of the electrical device to the negative of the battery or the negative busbar of the 12v control box.

AOS4613(12V Control box) (4)

How do you hook up a 12v control box?

Open the cover of the 12v control box, there are four holes at the bottom, which can be fixed with screws. But be careful not to break the wires inside the box when opening the up panel.

How do you put a battery in a 12v control box?

All the negative wires inside will be connected to the black stud connector, and all the positive wires will be connected to the red stud connector When the 12v control box on sale . You only need to connect the negative of the battery to the black stud connector, and the positive to the red stud connector.

What do need for 12V system?

The 12v system consists of four parts: electrical device, circuit control switch, circuit connection busbar (not required for a single device) and wire, circuit protection overload protector.


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