The Advantage of Combined Modular Fuse Blocks

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The most common ones are 6-way and 12-way fuse boxes.

There are two method of connect, one is quick terminal and the other is screw terminal. For quick terminal  fuse block, whether it is 6-way or 12-way, the rated current of each branch is 10A, and the stud is generally M5. For the screw terminal, the rated current of each branch is 20A, the branch screw is M4, and the stud For M5.

When there are many electrical appliances that need to be protected, such as 15 at this time, choosing 12 channels is no longer applicable. You need to choose one 12-way and one 6-way.

The problem is that one more fuse block will add one more input line, The more fuse blocks, the more chaotic the circuit, the high the circuit risk. 

This problem can be completely avoided by using the combined modular fuse block. 


There is no need to add additional input lines at all, just combine three 6-way modular fuse blocks to form an 18-way fuse block, and there is only one input line, the wiring is neat, and the circuit risk is reduced.


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