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Amomdpower 40A DC to DC On-board Battery Charger for Dual Battery System Vehicle

Price: $ 129-148/Piece
MOQ: 10 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • AOP40A

  • Amomdpower/custom

  • $129-148

  • 10 Pieces

Product Name
Battery Input Voltage
710 g
MIN. Solar Input Voltage
MAX. Solar Input Current
MAX. Output Current
DC Input Voltage
Rated Charging Current
Charging Voltage Range
Idle Power Consumption
Operational Temperature (Ambient)
IP Rating
Soft Start
Soft Charge Current
Bulk Charge Current
This DC to DC battery charger has a wide range of input voltage options between 7-24vdc with a maximum solar input current of 40a and output current of 40a max. The charging voltage can be set to any value within the specified range while the idle power consumption is only 10mA. Additionally, it is rated at IP54 which makes it suitable for harsh environments. The soft start feature ensures that the unit starts smoothly without causing damage to the device being charged. Other features include a bulk charge current of 40a, soft charge current of 4a, and a weight of only 710g.
The product is a solar-powered charger that accepts input voltages from 7 to 24 volts and outputs up to 40 amps of current. It also has a maximum charging current of 40 amps and a soft start feature with a soft charge current of 4 amps. Additionally, it is rated IP 54 and has a weight of 710 grams. Some of its key features include a wide operating temperature range of -10°C to 45°C, low idle power consumption of 10 mA, and a high humidity rating of 0% to 90%.  Overall, this product offers many advantages including ease of use, portability, and versatility.
Battery Type SelectionLong press “POWER” button for 3 seconds to enter selection mode, and the LED indicator will be blinking. Press “POWER” to select the type you need. Then long press “POWER” button to exit. It has a power-off memory function, and will remain on this battery type until it is changed. Lithium Reactivation In this mode, the DC-DC charger will automatically reactivate your sleeping lithium battery if it was stored in a discharged state as self-discharge would gradually deplete the remaining charge. A small charge current will be used from the auxiliary battery to activate its BMS. Please note that the battery should be disconnected from the load, and that the polarity should be correct. Both DC and PV inputs are supported. Input PriorityWhen both solar and DC input meet the start-up condition (which does not mean you need to connect both solar and DC input), the charger will automatically choose DC input. Even if solar input is chosen to charge your battery, the controller will consistently detect whether the DC input meets the charging requirement and will switch to DC supply when it meets that requirement. ACC LineFor vehicles with a smart alternator, you'll need to connect the ACC line to a switched ignition source (a point that supplies 12V only when the key is in the "ON" position and disconnects when the key is in the "OFF"position, for example) of your vehicle, usually it can be found in the vehicle's fuse box and a fuse tap can be used. Then the main battery will start charging your auxiliary battery.
DC InputStart your vehicle and let it idle. The charger will recognize that there is a charge being applied to the main starting battery. The charger will charge the auxiliary battery when the main starting battery has reached 13V. The main battery will start charging the auxiliary battery when its voltage is or above 12V (ACC line connected). Press “POWER” to re-select batteries (The default setting is for lead acid battery, and your setting will be saved once selection is made). The charger will continue to operate even after the vehicle has been switched off, however when the main starting battery falls below 12.7V (acc line not connected) or is less than 11.3V (acc line connected), the charger will stop charging. Solar InputThe charger will shift to solar charge mode when the input terminal is connected to the solar panel. Press “POWER” to select the corresponding battery type, and batteries can be re-selected during charging by long pressing the button. Charging begins when the output of solar panel is greater than 13V, and the panel will stop to charge when its output is below 12V. Note: this charger is not designed to charge your auxiliary battery with DC inputs and solar simultaneously, DC enjoys input priority over solar.
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