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Customized 12V Outdoor Portable Charging Lithium Battery Power Station Power Supply 1000W for Outdoor Camping

Price: $ 499piece
MOQ: 100 Pieces
  • AC413G-S1000W

  • Amomdpower

  • $ 499

  • 100 Pieces

Product Name
12v 1000W Portable Power Station
Battery Type
NCM Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
Battery Voltage
12.6V DC
Battery Lifespan
2000+ Life cycles
BMS Capability
AC Rate Power / Surge Power(max)
Pure Sine Wave 1000W Continuous, 2000W Peak

AC Outlet 2x AC Outlet(max 2000W)
DC Outlet 2 x 12V 10A Socket
1x USB3.0 + PD18W
2 x 12V 50A Input/Output
100-120V / 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
12 kg
462.8*361*211 mm
Military Green
Delivery Time
5-45 Days
Payment Method
T/T, Alibaba Assurance
Battery Voltage : 12.6V Capacity 100Ah Battery Lifespan : 2000+ Life cycles BMS Capability : 100A Output Specification : pure sine wave 1000W continuous, 2000W peak AC Outlet 2x AC Outlet(max 2000W) DC Outlet 2 x 12V 10A socket 1x USB3.0 + PD18W 2 x 12V 50A input/output Input Specification : 100-120V / 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature: -20℃ to 60℃ Dimension: 462.8x361x211 mm
This Amomdpower 1000W Power station is a high-performance battery pack that can deliver up to 1000W of pure sine wave AC power and 2000W of peak power. It has a large capacity of 100Ah and a long lifespan of over 2000 cycles. It also features a smart battery management system (BMS) that protects the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and overheating. This Amomdpower 1000W Power station has multiple output ports to meet your various power needs. It has two AC outlets that can run most household appliances and devices up to 2000W. It also has two DC outlets that can power 12V devices such as lights, fans, pumps, and more. Additionally, it has a USB3.0 port and a PD18W port that can fast charge your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other USB devices. This Amomdpower 1000W Power station is easy to recharge with multiple options. You can plug it into any standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter. You can also use the two 12V 50A input/output ports to connect it to a solar panel, a car battery for parallel charging or discharging. The This Amomdpower power station has a built-in LCD screen that shows the battery level, input/output power, and other useful information. This Amomdpower 1000W Power station is designed to be durable and reliable in any environment. It has a sturdy metal case that can withstand shocks and drops. It also has a cooling fan that regulates the temperature and prevents overheating. This Amomdpower power station can operate in a wide range of temperatures from -20℃ to 60℃. It has a compact and portable size of 462.8x361x211 mm and a weight of only 15 kg.
This Amomdpower 1000W Power station is the perfect companion for your outdoor activities, camping trips, and emergency backup needs. It can provide you with clean, stable, and reliable power anytime and anywhere.
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