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2500W 12V 24V 48V DC to AC 220V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Converter for Vehicle

price: $ 199/piece
MOQ: 100 Pieces
  • AOS-inverter

  • Amomdpower

  • $ 199

  • 100 Pieces

Product Name
2500W DC to AC Power Inverter
Rated Power
Peak Power
Output Waveform
Pure Sine Wave
Input Voltage
Output Voltage
Standby Power
9.6 W
Protection Function
overload.short circuit. reverse connection, over temperature, over
and under voltage
Product Size
38*26.2*11 CM
Product Weight
6 kg
Rated power: 2500W Peak power:5000W Output waveform: pure sine wave Input voltage:12V/24V48V Output voltage: 220V50Hz (230V110V120V)
Standby power consumption:9.6W Protection function: overload, short circuit, reverse connection.over temperature. over and under voltage
Product size: 38*26.2*11CM
Product weight: 6kg
This Amomdpower 2500W DC to AC Power Inverter Converter have many advantages that make it a great choice for your power needs. Here are some of the benefits of this product: - It has a rated power of 2500W and a peak power of 5000W, which means it can handle high-power appliances and devices without any problem. - It has a pure sine wave output, which provides clean and stable power that is compatible with any type of device you can think of. - It has a wide input voltage range of 12V/24V/48V, which means it can work with different battery systems and solar panels. - It has an output voltage of 220V50Hz (230V110V120V), which means it can match the voltage and frequency of your local grid or your appliances. - It has a low standby power consumption of 9.6W, which means it will not waste your battery power when not in use. - It has multiple protection functions, such as overload, short circuit, reverse connection, over temperature, over and under voltage, which means it will protect your equipment and itself from any damage or malfunction. - It has a compact and lightweight design, with a product size of 38*26.2*11CM and a product weight of 6kg, which means it is easy to install and carry around. - It has a low noise level, which means it will not disturb you or your neighbors with loud sounds.
- This Amomdpower 2500W DC to AC Power Inverter Converter provides a pure sine wave output, which is the same as the power from the grid or a generator. This has many advantages such as:  - Providing clean and stable power for sensitive equipment, such as laptops, TVs, medical devices and audio systems .  - Improving the performance and efficiency of AC motors, reducing noise and heat generation.  - Extending the life of your equipment by preventing damage and malfunction .  - Keeping the voltage at a safe level and avoiding overloading or short circuiting.
This series of products belong to off-grid inverters. It is forbidden to connect other AC to the inside of the inverters. It is forbidden to inject AC power fromany other external source into the AC socket.
Amomdpower series Inverter :
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