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12V Caravan Life Lithium Battery Charger 20A Charging Current AC to DC

Price: $ 44-54/Piece
MOQ: 10 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • AMP131-20A

  • Amomdpower/custom

  • $44-54

  • 10 Pieces

Product Name
110v / 220v AC to 12v DC Battery Charger 20A Charging Current
Input Voltage
AC 110V(100-120V)/AC220V(200-240V)
Average Charging Voltage
Float Charging Voltage
Max Charging Current
Product Dimension
850 g
The AC to DC Battery Charger is a device that converts AC power into DC power, which can then be used to charge various types of batteries. This Amomdpower AC to DC Battery Charger is designed with a high-current input to ensure quick charging times. The average voltage of the charger is 14.6±0.2V for safety and efficiency. Additionally, the charger features a float charge voltage that is optimal for fast charging without damaging the battery.
Inputvoltage:AC 110V(100-120V)/AC 220V(200-240V) Averagechargingvoltage:14.6±0.2 V Floatchargingvoltage:13.8±0.2 V Maxchargingcurrent:20 A Efficiency:>85% Productdimension:160*150*70 mm Productnetweight:0.85 kg
Amomdpower 110V/220V AC to 12V DC Battery Charger is designed to charge a lithium battery types using its 20A charging current and average charging voltage of 14.6±0.2V. With a float charging voltage of 13.8±0.2V, this battery charger provides the perfect balance between speed and safety. The 110V/220V AC to 12V DC Battery Charger has an energy-efficiency rating of >85%, ensuring that it consumes minimal power while still providing a high level of performance. The product dimensions are 160*150*70mm, making it compact and easy to carry around. The product weight is only 0.85kg, making it portable and convenient for use on-the-go.With the 110V/220V AC to 12V DC Battery Charger, you can quickly and easily charge your battery without the need for complex circuitry or high voltages.
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