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12v Accessory Power DC Rocker Switch Control Box Panel 12volt Control Board 4wd with Anderson Plug

Price:  $ 80-120
MOQ: 300 Pieces(Min. Order)
  • Amomd-custom

  • custom

  • $ 80-120

  • 300 Pieces

Product Name
Diy Pickup Truck Refit Circuit control Box
Main Material
Laser Cut Black Powder Coated Aluminum
Switch Rating
DC 12V 20A /24V 10A
Power Socket Rating
DC 5V 4.8A(2.A+2.4A)
Cover Plate Thickness
Box Thickness
Max Current

Optional Accessories
(All in This Site: Amomd)
2.USB charger Socket
3.Rocker Switch
4.Voltage display meter
5.Power Outlet Socket
6.Fuse Block
8.Circuit breaker
9.Membrane switch(6 way or 10 way)
10.Battery Switch
11.DC TO DC Charger
12.Solar charger Controller
6P 350×200×82mm/Customize
Delivery Time
5-45 days
Payment Method
T/T, 50% Deposit
Diy Pickup Truck Refit Circuit Control Box is a versatile and durable device that allows you to customize your pickup truck’s
electrical system. It is made of laser cut black powder coated aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion and wear. It has a switch rating of DC 12V 20A /24V 10A and a power socket rating of DC 5V 4.8A(2.A+2.4A), which can handle various devices and appliances.
The cover plate thickness is 2mm and the box thickness is 1.8mm, ensuring a sturdy and secure installation. The maximum current is 50A, which can support high-power applications. The product also comes with optional accessories that you can choose from, such as busbar, USB charger socket, rocker switch, voltage display meter, power outlet socket, fuse block, Anderson-connector, circuit breaker, membrane switch (6 way or 10 way), battery switch, DC to DC charger and solar charger controller. These accessories can enhance the functionality and performance of your circuit control box. The product has a standard size of 6P 350×200×82mm, but you can also customize it according to your needs. Diy Pickup Truck Refit Circuit Control Box is CE ROHS certified, which means it meets the safety and quality standards of the European Union.
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Company Profile
Huageng Technology is a leader in the 12V industry,expert at complete mobile power solutions for leisure outdoor market relevant with 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans/recreational vehicles, and Marine boats. As a China based company, we are passionate on the outdoor life and aiming to make the world a better place with clean and green power management. We offer a wide range of high end quality and reliable product solutions,including but not limited on power stations,power control hubs,solar power systems,lithium batteries,battery chargers, inverters, inverter chargers,12-volt accessories etc. Today,our primary focus is to continually create integrated, powerful, and reliable power management solutions for our clients and consumers globally.