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Amomdpower Custom Rechargeable Lithium Battery Replace Lead-acid Battery 12v 100Ah

105Ah lithium battery replace lead-acid battery,can customized.
  • AC100LFP-12V

  • Amomdpower

  • 299

  • 5 Pieces

Product Name
12V RV Marine 100Ah Lithium Battery Replace Acid Battery
Shell Material
High-strength High-density ABS
Battery Type
liFePO4 Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
UN38.3, MSDS
Nominal Voltage
Charge Voltage
14.6V max
Operating Temperature
-20°C - 60°C
Payment Method
T/T, Alibaba Assurance
Something about this battery must to be known before decide to buy :

1.This product uses brand prismatic lithium battery cell: the prismatic lithium battery cell has the following characteristics. 1)High power density, can release more power, provide stronger power, improve the performance and efficiency of the equipment, but also reduce the weight of the battery. 2) Longer service life: Higher energy density of large monobloc cells and less number of cells can reduce the contact resistance of the cells and prolong the service life. 3) Easier maintenance: Because of the large and uniform size of the monobloc cell, it is easier to maintain. 4)Higher safety: Large monomer cells have more internal space and are relatively stable, which can better withstand pressure andextrusion, and reduce the safety hazards caused by internal short-circuiting. 5) Better economy: large monomer cells have lower manufacturing cost due to lower quantity, which can bring better economic benefits. 2. The label of the battery capacity is the actual parameters.
3. The battery brand is EVE lithium cell, with the new A-grade cell, service life, quality and safety will be much better. 4. Battery material type is lithium iron phosphate, more safer.
Product Specification Material : high-strength high-density ABSCapacity: 105AhNominal Voltage: 12.8V Type: LiFePO4 Charge Voltage 14.6V max Operating Temp-20℃-60℃ Lifecycle:more than 3000 times
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Company Profile
Huageng Technology is a leader in the 12V industry,expert at complete mobile power solutions for leisure outdoor market relevant with 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans/recreational vehicles, and Marine boats. As a China based company, we are passionate on the outdoor life and aiming to make the world a better place with clean and green power management. We offer a wide range of high end quality and reliable product solutions,including but not limited on power stations,power control hubs,solar power systems,lithium batteries,battery chargers, inverters, inverter chargers,12-volt accessories etc. Today,our primary focus is to continually create integrated, powerful, and reliable power management solutions for our clients and consumers globally.