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12V RV House Life Power System Battery Set with 105Ah Rechargeable Lithium LFP Battery Inverter and Charger

Custom 12V 100Ah lithium battery kit use for RV or diy 12v power system.
  • BS-C3

  • Amomdpower

  • 1000

  • 1 Pieces

Product Name
Custom 12V RV Marine 100Ah Lithium Battery Set
Solar Panel, Lithium battery, AC Battery Charger, DC-DC Charger,Pure Sine Wave Power inverter, Coulometer,power outlet box
Solar Panel
Battery Type
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity
Nominal Voltage
AC Battery Charger
40A AC Battery Charger
DC-DC Charger
25A DC-DC Charger
Power inverter
1000W Pure Sine Wave Power inverter
Payment Method
T/T, Alibaba Assurance
This battery kit is used for RV caravan circuit modifications, It has a 105ah lithium rechargeable battery, an AC charger, a 25A DC-DC charger, two solar panels, a 1000w 12v to 220v pure sine wave inverter, a coulometer and a power outlet box.

* The battery cell is lithium iron phosphate, voltage 12.8v, capacity 105ah, charging cycles up to more than 3000 times.
* When using domestic electricity to charge the battery, the ac battery will charge the battery at 40A, which means that the battery can be fully charged in less than 3 hours.
* DC-DC charger can charge the battery at max 25A when car is starting,that means only take 5 hours to fully charge the battery.

* Two solar panels can charge the battery when there have enough sunlight.

* The inverter convert 12v DC to 220v AC to power the AC devices in the car such as rice cooker, kettle.

* The coulometer makes you know the batteries real -time status anytime.

* The power box has a variety of power output ports, which can be adapted to the needs of various DC appliances.
batteryset C3
Product Specification

Battery Voltage : 12.8v

Battery Capacity: 105ah

Battery Type: LiFePO4 Lithium battery
Battery Cell Brand: EVE /CATL(Acording customer need)
AC charger Current: 40A
DC-DC Charger current: 25A
Power Inverter: 1000w pure sine wave inverter 12v DC to 220v AC
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Company Profile
Huageng Technology is a leader in the 12V industry,expert at complete mobile power solutions for leisure outdoor market relevant with 4WDs, camper trailers, caravans/recreational vehicles, and Marine boats. As a China based company, we are passionate on the outdoor life and aiming to make the world a better place with clean and green power management. We offer a wide range of high end quality and reliable product solutions,including but not limited on power stations,power control hubs,solar power systems,lithium batteries,battery chargers, inverters, inverter chargers,12-volt accessories etc. Today,our primary focus is to continually create integrated, powerful, and reliable power management solutions for our clients and consumers globally.